Polemiki i wątki

Andrei Navrozov

Putin’s Hitler

Why didn’t Putin and his cronies simply buy Crimea from Ukraine – at ten cents an acre, like the Americans once bought Alaska from Alexander II of Russia – rather than launch a clumsy and noisy guerrilla war whose public relations outcome was predictable at the outset? The answer, I believe – concealed, camouflaged and […]

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We are publishing an unusual text. In October 2010 we had approached Olavo de Carvalho with a series of questions, which was intended to form a long interview. Mr de Carvalho responded on the 8th November. As agreed earlier, we added some supplementary questions asking him to elaborate on the subject of the São Paulo […]

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The soviet “elections” were rigged.  And bears indeed do defecate in the woods.  Thousands of young soviet democrats found themselves in Moscow on the election day, as if by magic, and all voted as one and for the same one – many times.  They made their camp in the stalinist palace of exhibition of people’s […]

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Once upon a time, one Czesław Miłosz wrote about Józef Mackiewicz: We cannot treat seriously everything written by Mackiewicz, the anti-Communist.  Some of his essays are obsessive and bordering on paranoia, following a well known pattern of sniffing for agents everywhere, even in the Vatican.  When embarking on a compilation of his political writings one […]

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Nina Karsov, the head of a London-based company, Kontra, which has been publishing Polish and Russian books since 1970, including the Collected Works (19 volumes in print, but more are planned) by Józef Mackiewicz, a great Polish novelist and political writer (1902-1985). Mackiewicz’s analytical work, The Triumph of Provocation, written […]

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On the 10th February 2010 died Charlie Wilson, a colourful member of the House of Representatives, one of the very few American politicians who actively supported the struggle against communist aggression, first in the Seventies in Nicaragua, and then almost throughout the next decade, in Afghanistan.  To honour this anticommunist, we are publishing again the […]

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