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Andrei Navrozov

Putin’s Hitler

Why didn’t Putin and his cronies simply buy Crimea from Ukraine – at ten cents an acre, like the Americans once bought Alaska from Alexander II of Russia – rather than launch a clumsy and noisy guerrilla war whose public relations outcome was predictable at the outset? The answer, I believe – concealed, camouflaged and […]

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We are publishing an unusual text. In October 2010 we had approached Olavo de Carvalho with a series of questions, which was intended to form a long interview. Mr de Carvalho responded on the 8th November. As agreed earlier, we added some supplementary questions asking him to elaborate on the subject of the São Paulo […]

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Nina Karsov, the head of a London-based company, Kontra, which has been publishing Polish and Russian books since 1970, including the Collected Works (19 volumes in print, but more are planned) by Józef Mackiewicz, a great Polish novelist and political writer (1902-1985). Mackiewicz’s analytical work, The Triumph of Provocation, written […]

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