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Triangular Constellation

Jeff Nyquist talks to Dariusz Rohnka

Part Two

DR: Let’s go back to your President. Was the recent decision of the Nobel Peace Prize committee a direct result of his UN speech where he declared his goal of nuclear disarmament? Or do you think we ought to see it in a wider context?

JN: The Nobel Peace Prize was given to Obama because he promised to strip the United States of nuclear weapons. Of course, he should have received the Stalin Prize; but today we do not have the Stalin Prize. We have the Nobel Prize. As for a wider context awarding the Nobel Prize was meant to push Obama to making key concessions to Moscow.

DR: Can Obama be seen as a latter day Salvador Allende or is he more sinister than that?

JN: I think Barack Obama is, indeed, very close to being an American version of Salvador Allende. I cannot tell if he is animated by darker motives. His words are politically correct, his tone is that of a social democrat, yet his physical mannerisms set off alarm bells. His verbal delivery, his way of standing, reminds me of Hitler: the set jaw, the furrowed brow, the commanding tone. I hesitate to make this last point, since I’m not an expert in body language. Nevertheless, I watched his State of the Union Speech with dismay. I recently interviewed an American businessman who worked in Moscow during the 1990s who heard about a young half-black communist being groomed by Moscow to become U.S. President. Investigators are attempting to pull together corroborating evidence, and I suspect there is something to this story – which may soon be confirmed by documents.

DR: Is Obama really in charge or are the Clintons pulling the strings?

JN: Obama and the Clintons are Leftists who despise American power. The main difference is that Obama is more audacious and he will do what the Clintons didn’t dare attempt. One must view them as a coalition that assists Moscow within the United States.

DR: Communism wants to conquer the world. Since the October revolution, Bolsheviks celebrated many triumphs. After WWII they occupied half of European continent, then Asia, etc., etc. In the last decade they had many successes in Latin America. All this was achieved in the face of almost perfect indifference of the so called Free World. Is there a limit to this passivity? Are there any bounds to the West’s appeasement of communist aggression?

JN: The free world is indifferent because the free world is distracted. I was once asked by a Russian defector why Americans are not more patriotic. I said, “Because they are too busy shopping and having fun.” Well, the shopping spree is coming to an end. The peace and prosperity mediated by American power is also coming to an end. What happens next will depend on the people of Poland, Ukraine, Germany and France (among others). Poland is a front line state in the struggle against Russian power, and everything that happens in Poland today is decisive for Europe. The Russians face serious problems at home, and their strategy of neutralizing the United States is simply a preliminary step to subjugating Europe. If the countries of Europe show their resolve, Russia will be placed in a hopeless situation. Here Poland can set the tone for the rest of Europe. It is my hope that Europe (in the days to come) will recover its moral courage, its internal vitality, and its faith.

DR: I am taken aback by your courtesy. Nevertheless, I can’t see how countries of the communist bloc can play any role in the struggle against the Soviet power, simply because their sovereignty is as authentic as the Moscow coup in August 1991, or the massacre in Timisoara in 1989. The “democratic process” in these countries is successfully manipulated by institutions created by the Soviets. Political parties without any base, fully controlled media, biased opinion polling centers, essentially communist armies, security forces, courts, etc. Apart from playing a role of a fig leaf what other role can these countries play?

JN: Former Warsaw Pact and Soviet countries are under the control of hidden Soviet structures, hidden KGB and mafia structures that work for Moscow. There are several methods of controlling people through these structures: (1) control by murder and the fear of being murdered; (2) control by blackmail; (3) control by economic influence or the promise of economic opportunity; (4) control by the use of mind control drugs (which are less understood outside the special services of the former USSR); (5) control by ideology/propaganda or active measures. All of these forms of control break down when the global economy contracts beyond a certain point. When this occurs, the countries of Europe will be transformed psychologically as well as physically. I do not believe Moscow can cope with this problem, and all attempts at improvisation will prove ineffective. This is because force by itself cannot make people obey, and fraud requires a stable foundation and a predictable set of psychological reactions. But Europe is not going to exemplify a predictable set of reactions once the global economy fails; and there will be no stable foundation.

DR: America was the only power to stand up to the communist aggression and with that in mind I would like to ask you the last question: Would you kindly offer our readers your vision of the future? How will the global political situation look like in a decade or two?

JN: It is only a matter of time before Russian and Chinese power can advance unchecked. The Communists will gain strategic ascendency, but this won’t be the end of the story. The future Communist empire will suffer the following self-destroying effects: (1) Collapse of the global economy leading to global starvation on a massive scale; (2) conflict between Russia and China; (3) revolts and mutinies on all sides; (4) Russian troops entering Europe to crush pockets of independence; (5) then will arise the opinion throughout Europe that death is preferable to servitude; (6) and the realization in Moscow that they cannot use nuclear weapons on everyone.

DR: You maintain that there is no way of stopping the process of disarming of the United States and, furthermore, America is doomed to be defeated by the commies. Is the situation really that tragic? Is there no possibility of stopping the rot and replacing the current administration with people less divorced from reality?

JN: America’s leaders are divorced from reality because they are intellectually corrupt. This is very serious because our civilization requires intellectual integrity to maintain its current level. When we look at Washington, we find that intellectual integrity has given way to the pursuit of power, money and career advantage. Leaders have been dishonest in previous generations, to be sure. But today’s dishonesty includes an exceptionally high degree of self-deception – or self-dishonesty – that necessarily leads to a self destructive policy. The rampant narcissism of American national life and culture leads Americans to place a premium on appearances over reality; so that we now accept image as reality. But image is not reality.

To answer your first question, there is no way to stop the U.S. disarmament process, which has tremendous political momentum behind it. The fact is, America was decisively defeated during the extended Cold War, and few observers realize the magnitude of the defeat. While the disintegration of the Warsaw Pact has little strategic significance for Europe, except to make the “Finlandization” of Western Europe more likely, the Communist Bloc has gained control of South Africa, Congo, Angola, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia and more. One country after another is falling, and there is no response from the American side. The Muslim world, also, has adopted a stronger anti-American position. To make matters worse, the American political system is on its last legs. Communist measures have been adopted and are being pushed by the federal government as well as by states like California, and the ideology of the U.S. president has a Soviet coloring. So we can see, without much trouble, what is coming to the whole world.

Communism is a philosophy of death, and when practiced on a global scale will bring about the greatest falling-off of population yet known. The breakup of many countries will occur as the result of the collapse of the global market system – with America at its nexus. There can be no ready adjustment to the economic calamity I am describing. Some countries will fare better than others. On the whole, there won’t be enough food, currencies will fail in nearly every country, and governments will be replaced. Everyone will see, quite clearly, that the acknowledgement of Russian power will accompany the advance of these phenomena. There may be an interval of seeming peace and relative adaptation to the new conditions, but in the end there will be a cascading economic downturn without any apparent bottom. The world has not understood the consequences of strangling the global market. Socialism in one country survives by plugging into the global market, however incidentally. The same applies to socialism in several countries. Once you reduce the entire planet to a socialist commonwealth, the global economy loses the core of its vitality. You don’t merely reduce everything to the level of the former Soviet Union. This crash continues until mankind is reduced to cannibalism, or until mankind rejects socialism. This is not mere rhetoric on my part, but seconded by reference to the most elementary economic principles – which are liberal principles, and which cannot be abandoned without calamitous economic effects. Therefore, socialism is going to meet its own death through the process of its victory. I see this happening in Europe, as well as America. And because America will be greatly damaged, and is far from the other inhabited continents, Europe will likely be the decisive battlefield – as in previous wars.

DR: Jeff, thank you for your time and thanks for sharing your views with our readers.

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3 Comments “Triangular Constellation”

  1. 1

    very likely groomed look at his early associations

  2. 2 michał

    Very likely and no doubt groomed but what early associations you have in mind? And whose?

  3. 3 Serge Kabud

    his associations(current president) are well exposed

    those are different communists and terrorists

    like his father, step father, mother, grand parents, friends in Chicago, Ayers- a convicted terrorist, his idiot priest reverend Wright and many others



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