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THE UNDERGROUND: JR Nyquist suggested that one can freely propagate communism in the US, as long as it is done under a different banner.  You use the example of Rich Nagin, who couldn’t be elected as a communist but was extremely effective in organising political campaigns of others, notably John Kerry.  Does the word ‘communism’ contain some sort of ‘tabu’ connotations in the US?  If so, is it really still the case in the world of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib?

TREVOR LOUDON: Communism is still a tabu word in the US for the left, but not so much the right.

The left hates the word because of the stigma of the Soviet Union, Red China, Cuba, Venezuela etc. Even the Communist Party USA which supports both Beijing and Moscow almost changed their name a few years back.

Most leftist groups opt for the label “socialist” instead.

Democratic Socialists of America openly supports Cuba and Venezuela and contains some openly communist factions. However, like their friends in Die Linke in Germany (which was formerly the Party of Democratic Socialism and before that the ruling Socialist Unity Party of communist East Germany) DSA can work more easily with the Democrats without the “communist” baggage. Liberation Road and Freedom Road Socialist Organization are both pro-Beijing communist parties. Workers World Party and Party for Socialism and Liberation support Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Pyongyang and Havana. Of the numerous Marxist-Leninist parties operating in the US only the Communist Party USA and the cultish and tiny Revolutionary Communist Party still publicly wear the “communist” label.

The mainstream conservative movement and the establishment Republican Party has been terrified of the “c” word since the days of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Unfortunately, this refusal to name the enemy handicaps our cause. It is like trying to fight WW2 without using the word “Nazi”.

The rise of communist China and President Trump’s blunt honesty has made the term “communism” much more acceptable to the grassroots conservatives. Much of the conservative base now understand that America is facing a communist takeover.

The Left call the republicans, racists and fascists. The Republican leaders hit back with “liberal” and “progressive.”

The Left lies about the right. The Right needs to tell the truth about the Left – they are communists and totalitarians.

TU: In your talk about Golitsyn, you recall the words of Georgi Arbatov, one of the architects of the long term strategy of perestroika: “Our major secret weapon is to deprive you of an enemy”.  Do you see any correlation between the blurring of such boundaries in the late 80s, as a result of the perestroika deception, and what’s happening in America now?

TL: Yes. There never could have been a Clinton, or an Obama or Biden presidency without the “collapse of communism”. None of the three could get a security clearance to wait tables at a White House banquet. All of them would have been heavily scrutinized for their communist connections if the Soviet Union had not “collapsed”.

The CIA and the FBI pretty much abandoned monitoring communist activities – internal or external in the 1990s.

Now, like any cancer which goes untreated for too long, communism has metastasized into every sector of US society – from education, the media to the unions and churches, to Hollywood, the bureaucracy and of course the Democratic Party.

It is said that the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince people he doesn’t exist. The communists followed their master’s example to equally great success.

TU: You say somewhere that communist organizations are less centralised since the so called “collapse of communism”.  Are they more dangerous and more effective because it is more difficult to track down their activities to one source of inspiration?

TL: Once everything came from Moscow. It was comparatively easy to track the beast to its lair. Now some communism still comes from Moscow, but it also comes from Beijing, Havana, Caracas, Pyongyang, Hanoi, the EU, the UN, and Washington DC.

Once the Communist Party of the Soviet Union reigned supreme over the communist world. Now there are multiple state centers of communism. Now we also have myriad international Trotskyist internationals, Maoist transnational alliances, the Socialist International, environmental, gay and “anti-racist” movements, UN NGO’s and global socialist religious organizations, Islamist terror networks etc. All are working, knowingly or unknowingly, for the world communist movement.

In the US people see Black Lives Matter burning their cities, hundreds of thousands of women wearing funny pink hats marching on Washington. They see radical environmentalists shutting down their industries. They see the LGBTQ “movement” twisting their children’s minds.

All of these movements are communist at root. Unfortunately, most American leaders are unwilling to grasp, let alone broadcast these facts.

TU: Whilst writing about the “sinking US Dollar”, you mention that old allies, such as Taiwan or Korea, but also Poland and Georgia, can no longer rely on American help.  Why do you see Poland and Georgia in this light?  Both states were created as a result of the provocation of “collapsible communism” so why would you view them differently than, say, Belarus or Ukraine?

TL: All the former countries of the old Soviet bloc are still influenced by communism to a greater or lesser degree.

Some like Belorussia, even Bulgaria, have changed little since Soviet times. Georgia and the Ukraine have shed blood fighting Moscow’s neo-communist expansionism. Poland has purged many remaining communists from the government service and has opened communist security archives to public view.

Germany did the same but made the mistake of electing former East German communist youth leader Angela Merkel as their “conservative” Chancellor.

South Korea is well on the way to becoming a Chinese satellite. Taiwan could be invaded at any time. What will Japan do if South Korea and Taiwan are lost?

All those countries that have made genuine attempts to fight against communism are now in a horrendous position.

I believe a Biden Administration will do nothing significant to defend Eastern Europe or Georgia from Putin’s regime.

I doubt the Biden will lift a finger to help Taiwan, or South Korea – even Japan, the Philippines and India from Chinese Communist Party aggression.

The Biden Administration did agree to supply Australia with four nuclear powered submarines, but according to former Secretary of State John Kerry, Biden knew nothing about the deal.

It is now time for every US ally to face reality. If, with God’s grace, the free nations, minus the US can keep Putin’s Russia and Red China at bay until Biden and his Democratic Party comrades are replaced, we may have a fighting chance of survival.

TU: Whittaker Chambers observed in the 50s: “The Communist conspiracy… is unlike any ever known before. In the past, conspiracy has always meant secrecy, concealment. The peculiarity of Communism is that everybody really knows who these people are and what the conspiracy is and how it works. But everybody connives at it because nobody wants to believe his own eyes. It is something new under the sun. It is conspiracy in the open.”  It seems even more so today.  How is it possible that intelligent and well educated people all over the globe fall for this?

TL: When Hitler was taking over Germany many Jews refused to leave when they still could. They simply couldn’t believe that Hitler would do what he said he would do.

Most people have a very low capacity to confront or even to acknowledge evil. Most Westerners have never had to fight for Liberty. The older generation remembers the Cold War, but most don’t recognize what they’re seeing unfolding in their own country. To many of the young, communism is simply a Che Guevara T shirt and a whole bunch of free stuff.

Many American former Soviet bloc citizens are much more ready to at least acknowledge the resurgence of communism – they have seen it all before. Many of them are tearing their hair out in frustration at the inability of the native-born Americans to see what’s happening.

Western elites are either broadly sympathetic to communism or are so intellectually fragile that they have little willingness to admit they have been fooled on a mass scale.

The communists began penetrating journalism schools after WW2 and education, the churches and Hollywood even earlier. With the more recent infiltration of “social media” and “Big Tech” they now control most of the main opinion-forming mechanisms in the US – and in most other “free” countries.

Failure to confront and counter the communist threat can be attributed to “normalcy bias”, cowardly elites and complicit media.

That is why the remaining free media outlets such as yours are so precious and must be preserved at all costs.

TU: The UN has a history of predicting a global catastrophe, as Guido Fawkes pointedly demonstrated:  What is your take on the significance of the environmental policy strand within the wider communist strategy?

TL: The UN is constantly predicting global catastrophe and disaster. The aim is to spread fear and panic as an excuse to implement more and more controls.

When my Dutch/Kiwi friend studied at Lenin’s Institute for Higher Learning in Moscow in the mid-1980 students were always told to support the UN. It was made clear to all that the UN was an instrument of Soviet and communist policy. It still is.

A world-wide communist superstate has always been the communist goal, so it is logical that communists would initiate or infiltrate such organizations. Once they have control of these bodies the communists will always work to ensure that all future leaders are communists or controlled by communists.

To paraphrase Lenin “it is not the gaining of power that is important. It is the KEEPING of power that is important.”

My Dutch/Kiwi friend also noted that the Soviet instructors would openly admit that the Soviet system did not work. It was a failure on almost every front.

But there was a caveat. The instructors believed that communism could work, if it was world-wide. Then the wage system could be abolished in every nation and full communism could be established across the globe.

“Compulsory” free trade which is promoted by the World Trade Organization and other global bodies actually helps the communist cause.

International free trade does indeed promote greater wealth. We can all see that. Adam Smith was right. However, the price of that forced “free trade” has been the diminution of national sovereignty and control over local economic, cultural and immigration policies.

Far better to build national wealth by encouraging local industry and trading only with non-communist partner nations than surrendering all control to the internationalists. We must trade only with our friends, never with our enemies.

We must not, as Lenin said, sell the communists the rope with which to hang us.

TU: You have undertaken an enormous task.  You write books and produce films, you speak in public and debate, trying to persuade people of the truth of your vision.  How do you evaluate the effects of you efforts?  Do you get through to people?  Does logic and reason still possess a wider appeal?

TL: I think I have had some effect. I have definitely had some influence, through Glenn Beck and other patriotic media. My own speeches and broadcasts had some impact on the Tea Party movement, which did a lot to blunt Obama’s plans for socializing the US during his terms of office.

I was prominent in Curtis Bowers’ documentaries “Agenda: Grinding America Down” and “Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit”. Both were seen by millions. I believe the first Agenda movie helped to win the 2010 mid-terms for the Republicans. I’m told that both movies were extremely popular in Brazil and may have helped contribute to the election of anti-communist president Jair Bolsonaro. I certainly hope so.

My own 2016 documentary “Enemies Within” has also been seen by at least two million people. I’m hoping our next project, the soon to be released “Enemies Within the Church” will have even greater impact.

My TV show “Counterpunch” on NDTV and my articles in Epoch Times are also popular.

Facts do matter. Harsh facts will be acknowledged and acted on by the bravest amongst us.

However, for wider appeal, it’s extremely important to infuse our messages with emotion. Unpleasant truths delivered with passion and courage, and sometimes, a little touch of humor will inspire millions to act. Winston Churchill proved that in WW2.

The greatest compliment I’ve ever been paid in my hundreds of speaking engagements was from a woman in South Carolina – she said my words “touched her soul” and by the tears on her cheeks it was clear she meant it.

We are in a spiritual war between good and evil. We must always aspire to touch souls. We must all make our decisions with eternity in mind.

We must be sure of our facts and should deliver these truths with courage. We must deepen our faith to give us that courage.

Only truth can save us now.

The Old Testament stories of David and Goliath and Gideon’s Army and the inspiring stories of King Jan Sobieski and the American revolutionaries teach us that greatest victories come from the darkest times.

Small numbers of people with faith and courage have always led the way to freedom. It is only in dark times that large numbers of people get off the fence and commit themselves to what is right.

While important, facts alone are not enough. Emotion puts people in motion. We must stir people’s hearts. We must appeal to faith and family and tradition and love of country. We must use humor both to lift our own spirits and expose our enemy’s corruption.

We, people who love liberty, are the majority, and we have God on our side. We must be prepared to speak and act with the appropriate courage.

TU: Thank you for your time.

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